About paintings

Theodore is an artist through whom paintings are created under the common name Imagine Art Media. His paintings seek out and find a special place in space. And when they are placed, the color power of their expressiveness begins to intertwine and create a perfect whole.

The observer of the paintings feels the inner strength and clarity of the painting, the inner guidance reflected in a harmony that leaves no one indifferent. The images call for the awakening of the soul and encourage it to shine fully. They radiate energy that fills us and on the wings of their vibrations take us on the path of new consciousness.

It has been MORE THAN 20 YEARS since they were created and spread around the world. They are also created to order, in the technique of acrylic or oil on canvas of various dimensions, crystals or semi-precious and precious stones and gilding are added.

Original paintings and high-quality prints on canvas are available - monotypes of various dimensions.

For orders, write to: imagineartmedia@gmail.com